Our Mission

Fearless Ontario is a community of independent, non-partisan and concerned individuals, families, businesses, and professionals that formed from the need, during these unprecedented times, to work together in pursuit of restoring our liberties, democracy, and way of life. Our governments have mandated measures that are not supported by the latest scientific data on COVID-19. We are dedicated to removing the lockdown measures that are unnecessarily harming Ontarians health and rights. We must reopen Ontario so everyone can return to normal, have a voice in their Legislature, and resume earning their livelihoods, for themselves and their families.

To make this change possible we have dedicated ourselves to three plans of action:

  1. Civil Disobedience

    • Through weekly gatherings to Celebrate Our Normal by rejecting health guidelines, such as social distancing, mandatory masks, and limited social circles.

    • Engaging in other activities and actions that help renormalize our collective lifestyle prior to the COVID-19 fears.

  2. Support Small Business

    • Encourage small businesses across Ontario to reopen in defiance of government orders to allow for their survival and prosperity.

    • Support small businesses by having all types of vendors at our weekly gatherings to build community support and income.

    • Provide legal counsel and financial aid for those small business owners being targeted by unjustified fines.

    • Give small business owners across Ontario a voice and platform to express their concerns and needs.

  3. Political Action

    • Hold politicians accountable for the excessive and costly measures they allowed.

    • Endorse politicians who are willing to uphold their sworn duty to defend our rights and prevent a reaction like this from happening ever again.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to partake in thoughtful and respectful discussion within our community.

It is always encouraged that you continue researching scientific data regarding COVID-19 to arrive at your own conclusions. You must be your own judge regarding the legitimacy of the lockdown measures enacted by our politicians and bureaucrats.

We hope you are encouraged by our resources and community and will support our mutual cause by inviting your friends and family to join with their voices.